We welcome the arrival of G-SRTT, a Cirrus SR22 Turbo.   Available for taster flights, training and (for licence holders) solo use as a member of the non-equity group.

Cirrus1Taster Flight

A one hour flight, if the airborne time is      50 minutes, would cost £133 plus £64 for the instruction plus between £70 and £120 for fuel ,depending on the speed chosen for the flight.



Conversion for VFR flying, including “glass”  cockpit differences training, consists of two hours ground school with the aid of Avidyne training software (which is largely Cirrus specific) and up to 10 hours of flight training depending on level of experience and types already flown.   The aircraft is charged at £160 per hour airborne, as shown on the M2 meter in the aircraft.   This is activated above 35 knots giving take off to touch down time to within a few seconds accuracy.   Instruction is charged at £64 per chocks hour.   Fuel tanks are topped off to tabs on return to Elstree and fuel used added to the above costs.   (At current rate between £70 and £120).   IFR training, including Airways, is also available.

Group Flying    

Solo flying requires a minimum of 10 hours on type and group membership.   Being a non equity group, no share purchase is required.   A monthly payment of £180 for a minimum of six months allows solo flight at £160 per hour airborne, dry.   Fuel tanks are topped off to tabs on return to Elstree and the cost of fuel used added to the bill for the day.   Any fuel uploaded elsewhere is paid directly by the pilot.  





Your chariot awaits…………..

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