PRICE LIST (with effect from 02/02/2017)

Payment by cheque or cash only at present

CHOCKS TO CHOCKS   CHOCKS             TO              CHOCKS  
PA38-112 £145   £175  
A152 £126 £161
  Aerobatics Training £171  
PA28-181 £140   £175  
PA28-151 £140   £175  
PA28-GLVRS £145   £175  

      PA28-R           £175                                                         £215

AIRCRAFT ARE CHARGED ON TACHO TIME.   ABOVE RATES ARE TACHO TIME MULTIPLIED BY 0.83.   Actual rate per hour will vary depending on nature and duration of flight.   High speed means higher rpm and higher cost per minute but shorter flight time.   Low speed lower cost per minute but longer flight time.

TRAINING FLIGHTS ATTRACT LANDING FEES.   Fullstop £7.00. Circuits 0:30 £14.00. Circuits 1:00 £24

Instruction in Cirrus:                                            £64.00 per hour chocks time.

Instruction in owners aircraft:                          £44.00 per hour chocks time.

Instruction in aircraft rented elsewhere:      £54.00 per hour chocks time.

PLB rental:                                                     £18.00 per two days or part thereof.


Membership £120.00 per year.  Membership year is from the 1st of April.   Fee, for new members only, reduces through the year.

Briefing, if required: £26.00 per hour (in 15min increments).

Groundschool: £34.00 per hour (in 15min increments).

Resident Examiner Fees

Initial PPL Skill Test                               £195

(If not in a Club aircraft)                      £225

Licence Proficiency Check                   £180

(UK issued Licences only)

(If not in a Club aircraft)                      £205

Initial IR(R) Test                                     £180

(If not in a Club aircraft)                     £205

IR(R) Renewal/Revalidation Test    £180

Written Exam                                              £28

SEP Revalidation by Experience         £28

(UK issued Licences only)

Level 6 Radio English assessment      £28

(UK issued Licences only)

Prices correct at 15/10/16 but may fluctuate with aircraft fuel price changes.

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