This is a guide to the order of the exercises for the PPL. It is based on ideal conditions. The order may be changed depending on weather conditions and your general progress.

Exercise Numbers

Exercise 1 Aircraft Familiarisation
Exercise 1e Emergency Procedures
Exercise 2 Preparation for Flight and Action after Flight
Exercise 3 Air Experience/Trial Lesson
Exercise 4 Effects of Controls
Exercise 5 Taxying
Exercise 5e Taxying Emergencies
Exercise 6 Straight and Level
Exercise 7 Climbing
Exercise 8 Descending
Exercise 9 Turning
Exercise 10a Slow Flight
Exercise 10b Stalling and Spin Awareness
Exercise 11a Spin Avoidance/Incipient Spin
Exercise 12 Take-off and Climb to Downwind
Exercise 12e Take-off Emergencies
Exercise 13 Circuit Approach and Landing
Exercise 14 First Solo
Exercise 15 Advanced Turning
Exercise 16 Forced Landing Without Power
Exercise 17 Precautionary Landing
Exercise 18a Navigation
Exercise 18b Navigation at Minimum Level
Exercise 18c Radio Navigation
Exercise 19 Instrument Flying

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