As the new membership year has started (and regular flying weather has also arrived) here are a few updates:
Membership fees, as usual, are payable from the 1st of April.   No increase again this year, but please remember the full amount – £120 – is payable by existing members even if they don’t resume flying until later in the year.
Aircraft rates have had to be raised slightly, mainly due to increased insurance and maintenance costs, but only by around 2% or less.
Fox India has been upgraded further, by replacing the attitude indicator with a Garmin G5.   This adds an additional altimeter, airspeed indicator and turn coordinator to the panel, as well as other features including track and groundspeed.
The Future of the IMC/IRR, has been assured until at least 2021, by which time the BIR should be underway.   The 15 hours IMC training – whether done in the past or not – and certain IFR flights conducted after gaining the rating, can be used to reduce the onerous training requirement for the full IR (via the CBMIR route) and will also count towards the new BIR.
John Baines, has thankfully regained his medical certificate and will be current again very soon.
A GASCo Safety Evening, is being held at the Mercure London Watford Hotel, A41 Watford By-Pass WD25 8JH, on Wednesday  17th April at 1930.   It is assumed this is local time.
Evening flying is again possible, now we’re on Summertime, seven days a week.   Any training flights must be booked by lunchtime however, as we have to inform the tower in advance.
Aerobatic training flights can also now be booked, seven days a week, once John is current again and thus able to compliment Richard.
Applications for a half share in the Arrow are invited.
Instructors, are needed urgenntly!  



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