The Club now has exclusive access to G-BRHR, a PA38 Piper Tomahawk, with a second PA38 available when she’s not.   Both aircraft will be charged at the same rate as the 152.   All Club aircraft are now equipped with 8.33 radios and Mode S transponders.   G-BRHR also has a Garmin GTN650.

All aircraft rates see a small increase from the 1st of August, due to the increase in the Elstree avgas price.   However, we are still very competitive at Elstree and Membership cost remains unchanged.



Two questions:

What type of licence do you have?

What medical certificate do you have?

If the first answer is UK National Private Pilot’s Licence and /or the second answer is self-declaration please read on.

UK issued PPLs (these were issued prior to the change to JAR licences), unless there is a last minute reprieve, can no longer be used to fly EASA aircraft after the 8th of April 2019.   In case you are not familiar, this means they cannot be used to fly Pipers, Cessnas, Beechcraft, Grummans, Cirrus and many other common types.

Similarly, a self-declaration of medical fitness will no longer be allowed on EASA aircraft.   Again, this is the case unless there is a last minute reprieve.

Anyone who is still using a JAR licence should examine it carefully, as it has probably expired.   If it hasn’t it will do so in April.

Although the deadline is the 8th of April, any licensing action will take some time to turn around.


Whiskey Hotel has been replaced with Yankee Bravo, which is a 152 Aerobat, which is fitted with a new Garmin 8.33 Nav/Comm unit, a DME and Mode S transponder.  


Any questions, please contact Ches in the normal way.



Piper Arrow IV – G-LFSR (non-turbo) can now be flown solo for just £182 per chocks hour.   (Based on the multiplying the new tacho rate by 0.83)

Since it is up to 25% faster than the Archer, it follows that certain land away flights can be made at the same or close to the same cost as in the Archer.   Please contact Ches for an explanation. 



Refresher or initial differences training in retractable gear and variable pitch are offered in the Arrow.   IRI rated instructors are available for airways flights in both the Archer and the Arrow.   Self fly hire is offered in the Arrow with no specified minimum total hours requirement, even students can fly her dual.  



Another long standing member, George Karayiannis, offers his Villa to members.   Here’s the link but, do not book through the link, contact George through me at the club:


Thanks to our internet provider, run by member Jon Morby, we were one of the first at Elstree to upgrade to high speed fibre optic broadband.   No more waiting for CAA pdfs or NATS plates to load, they positively fly to your chosen device.


   Club waistcoat style high vis jackets are available at cost price – just £6.00.

The later design with the Club logo are £10 – again at cost price.


  IR(R)   (The new name of the IMC)

Thanks to the efforts of the CAA, AOPA UK and other bodies, the IR(R) is still available to anyone with a UK issued licence (including the new UK issued EASA licence) and should be for the long term future.   The requirements (for example 15 hours flight training) and the privileges are identical to the old IMC.



The new edition is out now, for a 10% member’s discount on the guide or most of Pooley’s other items please get in touch.

The new Southern England Half Mill Chart is also available with a 10% discount.



Richard Laughton is ready (and very willing!) to carry out dual aerobatic flights.


During 2008 every registered UK Licence holder should have received a new licence page stating: “Language Proficiency – English”.   There are 6 different levels of proficiency but only 4, 5 and 6 are sufficient to allow the use of an aircraft radio.   Unfortunately the CAA did not mark these pages with a level number.   Providing your licence contains the statement you have at least level 4.   However, if it is only level 4 that you have, it lapsed in April 2012.   If you are not sure please contact the Club for advice, especially if your licence or a rating needs renewing in the near future.   For example: a new EASA licence cannot be issued without a valid Radio English Language Proficiency.


Current Instructor List (Alphabetical Order)

John Baines (Most days except Saturday)

Phil Cawthorne (Weekends)

Ches Cole (8 days a week)

Simon Johnston (Mostly week days)

Richard Laughton (Saturdays)

John Salem (When available)

John Stevens (Most days)

Rich Taussig (Most days)

Julian Waterworth (Sundays)

Kieran Williams (Mainly weekdays)



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